Dance Jobs For Dance Teachers in Vaughan

Dance Jobs in Vaughan

The Arthur Murray Vaughan dance school provides ongoing training, certification and promotion opportunities for their Vaughan dance teachers and employees. There are teaching, supervisory, executive and management opportunities, clerical and office administration, as well as the opportunity to become a franchisee with Arthur Murray International, Inc.

If you are interested in employment with Arthur Murray Schools of Dance, please come in to fill out an application. Please bring a current resume. No previous experience is necessary, but preferred. Qualified candidates will be placed in training classes for the studios in need of staffing.

Applications are accepted Monday through Friday from 1 pm – 6 pm.

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ArthurMurray_WB Because I’m happy, clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do...Come join us this Friday for a line dance!
ArthurMurray_WB Join us tonight at the 8:15 Newcomer group class where we will be doing a Foxy Foxtrot and a Swaggy Swing! See you tonight! :)
ArthurMurray_WB Join us tonight at 5:15 for a SVR 1 Cha Cha, 6:00 for a SVR 2 Cha Cha, and at 7:30 for a BRZ 4 and SVR 1 & 2 Surprise! See you tonight! :)

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