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Events & adventures to improve your dancing skills & enhance your social life

As an Arthur Murray student, you’ll be invited to exciting events and adventures that provide wonderful opportunities for you to show off your skills, travel, and meet like-minded individuals. Our Events & Adventures Program is an exclusive benefit of Arthur Murray – and it compliments the  learning and growth experienced on our Adult Dance Lessons.

As you’ll discover, Events & Adventures are a big part of the Arthur Murray lifestyle and a major reason people have made the studio an ongoing part of their lifestyle.

We have a special event about every 2 months. So you’ll always have something exciting to look forward to.

You and your new group of friends can enjoy dance events, wine tastings, potlucks, catered parties, dance cruises, even trips around the world.

The many experiences will add new focus and enjoyment to your entire life.

Medal Ball

An Arthur Murray Medal Ball is a gala dance event honouring students of our adult dance classes who graduate from one level of their dance program to the next. It’s a classy event where students who are graduating or not have the opportunity to enjoy a night of dancing in a fun and elegant setting.

You might think of it as a graduation ball for students who’ve passed a level since the last Medal Ball. As a highlight, each student or level does a solo performance or a group performance.

Medal Balls usually occur twice a year and are held at different enchanting locations, such as an elegant hotel ballroom in Toronto.  Students achievments are acknowledged and celebrated, certificates are awarded for graduation.

Performances are by graduates, but any student can attend and enjoy an evening of dining and dancing while supporting their fellow dancers!


A Showcase is a one-day event where students present dance routines with personalized choreography. These routines make an exciting addition to your private dance lessons, because they allow you to develop showmanship and musical expression, along with your social dance skills.

These delightful events occur offsite at great hotels. They feature a dinner dance and a pro show. A judge critiques performances, which are non-competitive.

Showcases usually happen once a year, sometimes twice a year, and anyone can attend.

You don’t have to do a dance performance. You can just attend and enjoy a great dinner and fun evening.


These are fun and relatively informal events that are usually held at the studio, they’re like mini recitals. Your family and friends are welcome to attend.

It’s a time to show off your new skills by doing a performance piece you’ve been working on. Spotlights function as preparations for our more formal events, such as our Medal Ball.

Most of the Spotlights feature performances by about ten students. About 50 people usually attend, and guests are encouraged to mix.

Almost all of our students participate in them. Wedding couples use them to practice before the big day.

Spotlights are held on Friday nights when other big events aren’t scheduled.

Pro Am

It’s our Professional Amateur event – an enchanting time when students dance with their teachers or couples dance together in a competition-like setting. They run for one day only and are held pretty locally. Sometimes, we go to Niagara.

There are entries for each dance, level, and age category. The events feature three dance competitions, with an open category, a closed category, and solos. There are different judging systems for each competition.

Students usually do multiple entries in the same dance. A heat is only 1.5 minutes long, and most Pro Am events have about 200+ heats a day.

The events occur at offsite hotels. We invite students from our different locations, which makes for exciting competitions and great get-togethers.

Anyone can attend, spectators need to contact the studio for tickets.

The heats continue all day. Then there are evening cocktails, dinner dancing, an awards presentation and a pro show.


This is a thrilling event that happens over 2 or more days and brings students together from many Arthur Murray Studios to compete at their level, in dances of their choice. This inviting but challenging venue requires specialized private dance lessons to polish and perfect your choreography technique and style.

The weekend is packed with activities, such as dance competitions, cocktail parties, dinner dances and exciting professional shows.

Some Dance-O-Ramas even include outings for sightseeing. These adventures make the whole event like a vacation! Miami, Las Vegas, Italy, Hawaii – where do you want your dancing to take you?

Dance-O-Ramas usually have 3-4 days of dancing and competition. Many Arthur Murray Studios participate in them. Sometimes worldwide studios join in, but worldwide events are usually Superamas.

Even more excitingly, Arthur Murray Dance-O-Ramas happen all the time, usually monthly.

Since they occur worldwide, they offer an opportunity for exciting international travel, with dinner, entertainment, and, of course, dancing. Hundreds of people attend them, and there are often professional competitions and shows in the evening.

Most DOR’s last for 4-5 days and some  up to a week.  Everyone is invited!

Vancouver DOR 2020

Vancouver DOR 2020

Coaching Lessons

In all physically demanding activities, a third pair of eyes is very important. At times, what feels good does not necessarily look good. 

A Traveling Consultant (coach) has years of experience and knows shortcuts that can help you achieve greater results from your adult dance classes. A coaching lesson can give the instructor a wealth of information that will give you a project to focus on in your private dance lessons for the next number of months.

These concentrated lessons are geared, not only to the experienced student, but are also helpful for all students. While all dancing relates to posture, movement, footwork, timing and communication, a new student will be coached at a newer level of achievement and an experienced student at a higher level of excellence.

All coaches are recommended by Arthur Murray. Some have been with us for 30+ years and even helped write our syllabus. They’re true world champs – and certified adjudicators.

As part of the program, you’ll have exclusive access to world-famous dance experts. For instance, we have regular visits from experts from Dancing With The Stars. You can not only learn from them. You can dance with them! So you can take your skills to a whole new level.

We have a coach in several times a year. They come from all over North America.

Your teacher will plan what you will work on with the coach. The three of you will talk and then get dancing.

The sessions are designed to give you things to work on for a while to come, and you teacher will help you make what you’ve learned your own.

The coaches are usually in for 1-2 days.

Celebrity coaches who have come to our studios include Alec Mezo, Edyta Sliwinska, Jonathan Roberts, Anna Trebunskiya, and others from Dancing with the Stars.

There’s never been a better time or place to learn to dance.

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