Private & Group Lessons

Our 3-Part Approach

By teaching the world to dance, we’ve found that students learn best though our focus on three areas – taught in three kinds of classes. The system is so effective you’ll be able to learn the most popular dances in the shortest time.

We focus on:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Repetition
  3. Application

We have three kinds of lessons:

  1. Private
  2. Group
  3. Practice Sessions

Private Dance Lessons

Private lessons are the cornerstone of the Arthur Murray Method.

During your sample lesson, you’ll experience the benefits of a private lesson.

At your sample lesson and all of your private lessons, your instructor will spend the time on dancing technique, dancing styles, and general dance improvement.

An up-to-date record of everything you’ve learned will be kept to make sure every private lesson takes up where the previous one left off, so you get the most out of your lessons.

The many benefits of private lessons

You enjoy the individual attention of the instructor, demonstrating steps and telling you when you’re doing some right or wrong. You’ll be able to focus on what you want to learn and learn at your own pace

Group classes are different, because group mistakes are corrected, not individual ones. Group classes also keep going, instead of stopping for individual instruction.

All students have a minimum of two instructors, so you’ll have two perspectives, as well as a backup if one is not available.

How they work

If you’re alone, you’ll be paired with an instructor of the opposite sex, unless you choose otherwise.

You’ll begin each lesson by going over what you’ve already learned and what you’re going to learn at the current lesson. We keep this part brief, because we want you to be out on the floor as quickly as possible.

You’ll enjoy a 40-minute lesson. It will be followed by a 5-minute progress report. The reports are written out and are meant to help you and your instructor know how you’re doing. You can review your progress reports at any time.

After your first few lessons, you will start to experience progress and will be well on your way to become the type of dancer you desire.


We recommend one or more lessons per week, but it really depends on your learning style.   If you need to dance by a certain date or event like a wedding perhaps, we can plan a more frequent schedule for you. You may book your lessons whenever it’s convenient for you by phone or by email. We’re open Monday-Friday 1pm-10pm and Saturday by appointment only form 1-5pm.

How our Private Lessons are different

  • All Arthur Murray Studios must meet the high standards set by Arthur Murray International.
  • We utilize the unique Arthur Murray Method of teaching. We all teach from the same syllabus. So no matter what instructor you have or which studio you go to, you’ll learn the same way.
  • All Arthur Murray instructors must pass mandatory certifications to continually meet the Arthur Murray Standards. Other studios do not require certifications.
  • Steps and material are taught in a natural progression to enable optimal success for all students.
  • Most students are learning different dance styles at the same time,  so their instructor may relate concepts from one dance to another.
  • We recommend private lessons for the most personalized approach and the most concentrated learning.

Group Classes

Group Classes augment your private lessons. They help you become a comfortable social dancer or a competitive dancer.

They’re a wonderful compliment to your private lessons. The purpose of Group Classes is not to teach new material but to help you apply what you’ve learned in your private lessons, so that dancing in a group becomes something you’re completely comfortable with.

The lessons emphasize a balanced approach, consisting of repetition with variation and experiencing the joy of dance.

The many benefits of Group Lessons

Group Classes give you the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners, develop good dance habits, emulate other dancers, and meet fellow students.

You can attend Group Classes as often as you like. There’s no charge!

You’ll apply what you learn during your private lessons, but you’ll dance with different instructors and different partners who are at various levels. So you’ll broaden your dancing experience.

How they work

At each lesson, you and the other students will review what you’ve learned, practice it, and be introduced to new material. You may be taught materials that your regular instructor hasn’t introduced you to yet.

Your teacher will collect the group and explain what you’ll learn. Ladies are on one side and men on the other, with the instructor in center. He or she will demonstrate steps, first for the men, and then for the women. Then you’ll be partnered. Ladies rotate until everyone has danced together. We want you to feel free to dance with any partner. You’ll always leave, knowing you’ve enjoyed an evening of dancing and making new friends.

After the introductory package, you’ll have complete access to Group Classes so you can drop in whenever you’d like.


We hold Group Classes 3 to 4 times a week. They each last 45 minutes.

Attendance is optional, but we do encourage you to participate.

You can come to any class as long as it’s within your level, so Group Classes are a great way to try different styles that you’re not enrolled in.

You’ll get to meet other students. Usually about 10-15 people attend.

You don’t have to call ahead. Just show up and have fun!

How our Group Classes are different

  • They’re all based on the Arthur Murray Method, along with what you’ve learned in your private lessons.
  • You’ll always be dancing with people who are at the same level as you, because classes are based on your level. The beginner level for Group Classes is our most popular one and is called Social Ease.
  • At the entry level, you can usually focus on two dances per class. Some classes are more dedicated to basic technique or footwork.
  • Since everyone in the class has progressed to the same level, we know you already have the foundation you need for the class. Now, you’ll take what you’ve learned to the next level.
  • At the beginning of each lesson, the instructor will ask about everyone’s progress, just to make sure everyone can handle what will be covered. The approach is very different from the competition, where students often enroll in programs that consist only of group classes. Instructors must focus on group problems, so it’s easy to get lost. Arthur Murray gives you the benefit of private one-on-one lessons in perfect balance with the benefit of group classes.
  • Group classes on Friday nights are usually a destination event night, because of the practice party that follows.

Practice Parties

We schedule delightful Practice Parties for all of our students. They’re actually enjoyable practice sessions, which we hold weekly, generally on Friday evening. You’ll have a real party dancing with your instructors and other students in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

Our Practice Parties are far more pleasant than the atmosphere in most clubs. They’re for Arthur Murray Students only, so you’ll feel safe and comfortable spending Friday evenings here.

We play a variety of music that’s perfect for Ballroom dancing, Swing dance, Latin, and Country.

So you’ll have the perfect opportunity to practice what you’ve learned in a convivial atmosphere. And, just as surprises happen at weddings and parties you’ll be attending outside of the studio, we have them, too. You never know when we might throw in a Conga Line, a Line Dance, a Mixer, or a special exhibition!

The many benefits of Practice Parties

Practice Parties are more of a real-life experience, while Group Classes are more start and stop. Parties are socials. We turn down the lights and tell you to have a great time. So you actually learn how to go out and dance.

Once you’ve completed the intro program, you’ll have access to our Practice Parties so you can drop in whenever you’d like at no extra charge.

Students are welcome from all levels. So our Practice Parties are a great way for everyone to get to know each other. An invitation to dance is a wonderful icebreaker!

How they work

We turn down the lights and activate the disco ball. All the teachers are out on the dance floor. You’re encouraged to dance with as many partners as you can.

If it’s your first practice party, you’ll be accompanied by an instructor to make sure you feel comfortable and confident.

You’ll learn skills that will teach you what to do at real-life events, such as weddings and other parties.

You’ll be dancing the whole way through a song, while the staff floats around to be helpful.

For extra fun, we often do karaoke, toga, dance trivia, themed parties, potlucks, a casino roulette of dances, and other enjoyable activities.


Practice Parties generally happen twice a week and last 45 minutes or longer. About 25-30 people usually attend.

How our Practice Parties are different

  • Most competitors just don’t have them.
  • Ours are a social event. There’s no formal teaching involved, although our instructors are always there to help.
  • We have more students to attend and our students are more regular.
  • We have more instructors available to attend, and the frequency of our parties is much higher.
  • You always have something to look forward to on Friday nights

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