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Fun times dancing with new friends!

Fun times dancing with new friends!

Your Private Sample Dance Lessons are Just $49 + HST

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There’s no additional fee and no obligation whatsoever.

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Sample lessons available to all

You’re invited to enjoy our sample lessons, regardless of your skill level, age, or whether you plan to come with a partner or on your own. We’ll plan the lessons so it’s just right for you. Don’t worry about your skill level – we specialize in “two left footers.”

How your sample lessons work

  • Just fill out the registration form.
  • We’ll contact you to schedule your first lesson.
  • We’ll send an email reminder as the day for your first lesson nears.
  • The email also contains directions to our studio and parking info.
  • The day before your first lesson your instructor may call to introduce himself or herself.

What to wear

Any outfit and any pair of shoes are fine, jeans and sweats are not recommended. We suggest smooth soled dress shoes, flats or high heels are fine for ladies.  Whatever you have at home, we can make it work! As your skill level increases, you may prefer dance shoes – we can help with that too!

When you arrive

We’ll be waiting to welcome you!

Just come to reception. Our friendly reception team will take care of everything else. They’ll give you a tour of the studio and introduce you to your dance instructor. One of our new student supervisors may also stop by just to say hello. We want you to relax and be comfortable, so you can get the most from your lesson.

If you sign up for more lessons, you’ll have a supervisor assigned to you. The supervisor’s are there to make sure all of our students are getting what they want and are happy with their dancing experience.

Meeting with your instructor

You and your instructor will sit down and spend some time discussing your current skill level and what you hope to achieve. For example, you may want to become better at one or more dances, get in shape, meet new people, have fun, become a more skillful social dancer or a competitive ballroom dancer.

If you come with a partner

Your instructor will speak with both of you and instruct you together.

If you come alone

You’ll be paired with an instructor of the opposite sex, who will partner you  as well as teach you, unless you prefer otherwise.

Your 2 Private Sample Dance Lessons are Just $49+ HST

Simply fill out our easy registration form at the bottom of this page.
There’s no additional fee and no obligation whatsoever.

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The fun begins – your first lesson!

You’ll spend most of your time on the dance floor, being introduced to our world-famous Arthur Murray Method. We’ll be showing you how easily you can learn to dance – and how quickly you can become the dancer you’ve always dreamed of being.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn our basic foundation steps, which are simple walking steps and side steps. These steps are the key to the Arthur Murray Method. The same steps are used in every dance, so you can enjoy doing different dances quickly. We just use different rhythms and tempos for the various dances. The method makes learning so easy you can even learn multiple dances at the same time!

It’s amazing how much you can learn in 30 minutes

Your Introductory lessons will last 30 minutes, but we think you’ll be amazed by how much you learn. These are optimized to give you the best learning experience while learning a new skill.

After your lessons

Your instructor will be able to suggest a course that’s just right for you. Depending on your goals, it may be one of our existing programs or a custom program to suit your individual needs.

If you decide to continue

Welcome to the Arthur Murray community, a whole world of dancing awaits you!

You’ve made the choice most of our visitors do. You’ve decided to continue with your dancing – and now you’re a member of a local and worldwide community of people who love dance.

Your instructor will discuss with you how you can achieve your goals.

If you decide not to continue

If you feel you don’t want to continue, we fully understand that Arthur Murray is not for everyone. We genuinely want you to do what is best for you. And, as we said, there’s no obligation whatsoever. We’ll just thank you for coming and say goodbye.

Our Introductory Programs

As a next step, we often recommend one of our Introductory Programs, which consist of  30-minute sessions and are designed to introduce 3 or 4 dances, which you choose with your instructor. Or we can personalize a program that focuses on your individual goals.

Prices to fit every budget

We want you to be able to learn to dance with us. So we have a schedule of prices to fit every budget.

The exact amount depends on the combination of private lessons, group classes, and practice parties you choose.

Our prices are competitive, but Arthur Murray has no competition.  We set the standard for Dance Instruction and Personalized service the world over.

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“Thanks to Arthur Murray I have a new focus in my life, which includes traveling to new places, dancing with friends, and becoming a confident social and competitive dancer. Thanks to Arthur Murray, I have excellent instructors who have shared their skill and talent with me and encouraged me throughout their endeavors. For that, I can’t say thank you enough.”
– Cathy

“We have been students at Arthur Murray Yorkville for just over six months and have really enjoyed the benefits of dancing: better flexibility, energy, coordination, attitude and overall health! An unexpected bonus has been all the wonderful new friendships we have gained – with the amazing instructors and all of our fellow students. Ballroom dancing is one of the best things we’ve ever done together!”
– Jim & Adlynn

“I came to Arthur Murray Dance Studio after a long illness, wanting to get back into my body and back into life. I couldn’t have chosen a better place! The teachers are so encouraging and know how to interest and challenge you, but never let you feel overwhelmed. The warm and supportive atmosphere starts with the staff, but is also taken up by the students. There is a real spirit of camaraderie, which makes it a wonderful place to learn to dance, make friends, and have fun. For me, it was a place to come back into my own. They claim “it will change your life”-and they’re right! I know it changed mine!”
– Zhen S.

“I’d like to share my thoughts on the truly dynamic studio that is Arthur Murray Toronto (Etobicoke). Learning to dance at this studio has been an amazing experience that will be with me forever. It has been my honour to learn from the extremely talented, eclectic and vibrant staff who have never failed to provide me with a fun and enjoyable experience. In addition to learning how to dance, these amazing instructors make me feel like I can do anything and therefore my self-confidence has increased significantly. In addition, I feel that my life has been enriched by the many new friends I have met through the studio. Their laughter, positive outlook and, of course, encouragement of fellow students certainly enhances the atmosphere. I have many wonderful memories that I will treasure and I look forward to building on these memories as I continue my classes with Arthur Murray Toronto.”
– Sylvia Steward

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