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Your perfect invitation to the dance!

Our well-appointed studios are staffed with highly trained and friendly dance teachers, who strive to make your private dance lessons, group classes, and practice sessions enriching and fun. In fact, we can say with confidence that at our Vaughan dance studio, you’re going to have fun learning how to dance!

Committed to the Spirit of Excellence

All Arthur Murray studios are owned and operated by individuals who are passionate about dancing, because they started as instructors and worked their way up to the executive level. Having experienced every phase of studio operations, our franchise is committed to the Spirit of Excellence, which is the hallmark of the entire Arthur Murray system.

Vaughan Dance School for Every Skill Level

At our Vaughan dance school, we offer dance classes to students of all skill levels. So, if you’re thinking about learning how to dance but are nervous or intimidated, don’t be! Our family atmosphere, energetic staff, and team-first approach have helped to create an environment where people of all ages feel like they belong the moment they walk in the door.

The Mission of Our Dance Studio in Vaughan

The main goal at our dance studio in Vaughan is to provide an authentic learning experience for each of our students, based your individual needs and desires.
The teachers at our dance school are trained and certified, so they can teach today’s most popular Ballroom lessons, Latin, Swing dance lessons and make you a comfortable social dancer or a competitive hobby dancer.
Our Vaughan dance school offers personalized private dance lessons and group lesson plans to help you learn what you want at your own pace.

Why Choose Our Studio?

We use the world-famous Arthur Murray Method, which has been developed over 100 years. It’s the best of the best!

We’ve been serving the GTA since 1952 and have taught social and competitive dance to over 100,000 students.

We’re an Ontario Accredited teaching institution, with strict quality control. So you can get a tax credit for the fees paid for your lessons. None of our competitors can offer this benefit.

All of our teachers are certified to teach the dances you want to learn

Unrivalled consistency: All our lessons are taught based on the same syllabus. So you’re taught the same way by every instructor at our studios and, in fact, at Arthur Murray studios in any location.

We offer convenient times and enrollments that will allow you to learn to dance, even if your schedule is busy.

We offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on every lesson.
If for any reason you are unhappy with any aspect of your experience at Arthur Murray, just let one of our friendly staff know and we will see to it that the issue is resolved or you will get a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.

You’ll enjoy international benefits. Since all our lessons are taught based on the same syllabus, no matter which Arthur Murray studio you go to on the planet, you’ll learn the same elements, based on the same method, taught the same way! There are approximately 280 studios throughout the world, located in Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, R.O.C., South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

When you can walk into any Arthur Murray studio in the world, they’ll call us, and we’ll bring them up to speed on your progress. So you can pick up exactly where you left off!

Whether you’re on a business trip or on holiday in Paris with your spouse, you can keep dancing when you go and be welcomed with open arms.

We have four convenient locations and free parking

All four of our studios are in inviting neighbourhoods, surrounded by shopping and a plethora of restaurants and bars.

Three of our studios are close to the subway stations.

Our studio at Royal York & Bloor is just seconds from Royal York subway station. It’s a safe neighbourhood that’s well lit. And we offer free parking.

We also offer free parking at North York and Woodbridge and on back streets in the Kingsway. 650 indoor parking spots for Yorkville right beside the studio (72 Yorkville Ave).

We have valet parking at Pustateri at the corner of Bay and Yorkville.

Learn to Dance in Vaughan

Whether your goals are modest or ambitious, your schedule open or full, why wait any longer? We invite you to join us at the only school in the world that turns people into partners. Call today or sign up now online!
Take the first step and sign up for your first lesson now.
You’ll begin an exciting journey to a lifetime of dance, fun, new friends, poise, confidence, and improved social skills.




Try us out for just $49!

Come out and dance! We’ll make you feel completely at home in our friendly atmosphere. All skill levels are welcome. Come on your own, or with a partner. No obligation!


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Media mentions/Buzz

  • Breakfast television: Arthur Murray Vaughan was featured on CityTV’s breakfast television. Jennifer Valentyne, a former student of ours, came back with the cameras to see if she still remembered her steps. (video)
  • NBC Nightly News: Check out this report by Roger O’Neil of NBC. Looks like ballroom is back in a big way! (video)
  • CTV News Consumer Report with Pat Foran: Pat Foran came to check out the studio and try some lessons. He learned to dip! (video)
  • Vaughan SUN Newspaper: Check out how we were mentioned in this article in the Vaughan SUN (http://www.Vaughansun.com/life/healthandfitness/2009/08/17/10482111-sun.html)
  • OMNI Television: We were visited by Pay Chen of OMNI’s TunedIn (video)


  • Emmitt Smith, former running back for the Dallas Cowboys, has nothing but praise for Arthur Murray. It changed his life! (testimonials)
  • Adam Lind of the Vaughan Blue Jays: “I had a great time learning to dance and spending time with my fiance. It was much easier than I thought, and it was actually a great stress reliever, despite the chaos of planning the big day!”
  • Scott McGillivray of HGTV’s Income Property and Debbie Travis’ Facelift: “Our sincerest thanks for all your help and patience in choreographing a beautiful dance for our wedding. We appreciate all your dedication in making sure our dance was perfect! Our guests were very impressed & complimented us all night. It was truly a magical moment and added a special touch to the evening!” – Sabrina & Scott

Dancing With The Stars

  • Many of the professional dancers on Dancing With The Stars are also students and teachers at their local Arthur Murray studios!
  • We also have regular coaching visits from DWTS favorites like Alec Mezo, Edyta Sliwinska, Jonathan Roberts, Anna Trebunskiya, and more.



  • Tournament of Champions 1st Place Studio Award
  • International Dance Festival Achievement Award
  • Two Arthur Murray Studio Achievement awards
  • Top Female Student Award Toronto Pro-AM
  • Top Male Student Award Toronto Pro-AM
  • Top Teacher Award 2007 — 2008 Vaughan Pro-AM
  • Three time “Top Dance Studio in Vaughan” — Reader’s Choice Award
  • Numerous Top Instructor, Dance Specialist, Counsellor and Executive Awards
  • Top Overall Instructor — 2009
  • 5 First Place Finishes – 3 Dance Latin & Smooth – 2010 Arthur Murray Star Ball in Niagara Falls
  • Top Overall Student (Female)  Award NorthStar Dance-O-Rama, Chicago 2011
  • Top Instructor in the World — New student Challenge in 2011
  • Arthur Murray Studio Excellence Award 2011
  • Studio Grand Champion Award International Dance Festival 2012


  • Best Dance School of 2011 by Etobicoke Guardian Newspaper
  • Tournament of Champions 1st Place Studio Award
  • Tournament of Champions 1st Place Teacher Award
  • Tournament of Champions 1st Place Executive Award
  • We also came in 2nd and 3rd in the above categories over the last 5 years.
  • Top Male & Female Student Awards at various Dance-O-Ramas and Superamas
  • Top Teacher Awards at various Dance-O-Rama’s and Superamas

Last 24 months

  • AM Students have received over 20 1st place finishes in 3-Dance Competition at both local & international dance events
  • AM Teachers have won various formation competitions, both local & international
  • Top Studio Award at various Dance-O-Rama’s and Superamas
  • Arthur Murray International VIP Club Members for the last 10 years
  • District Leader Award – Lisa;
  • District Dance Director Award – Cynthia;
  • Top District All Star Teacher – Steve;
  • Top District Supervisor – Cynthia;
  • 1st Place One Dance Argentine Tango Competition
  • 1st Place Mystery Dance Competition
  • 1st Place Formation Award

Historical trivia you might enjoy about Arthur Murray

  • The Murray name and franchise were featured in the 1942 hit song “Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry,” which was written by Johnny Mercer and Victor Schertzinger.
  • Hal Borne and His Orchestra recorded the Mercer-Schertzing song in a Soundie released May 25, 1942, with the Three Murtah Sisters. “The tallest” of the sisters satirizes the tune by doing the rumba as crudely as possible, first in her room and then on the floor with a male partner.]
  • In the film The Sky’s the Limit (1943), when Fred Astaire and Joan Leslie finish a dance number, Joan asks him “Where did you learn to dance like that?” and Astaire answers, “Arthur Murray.”
  • In 1946 Desi Arnaz starred in the film Cuban Pete and recorded a song of the same name, featuring the lyric, “Cuban Pete doesn’t teach you in a hurry like Arthur Murray. You’re now in Havana, and there’s always mañana.”
  • In the I Love Lucy episode “Little Ricky Gets a Dog” (1957), Lucy tells Ricky that she is receiving Mexican hat dancing lessons from Arthur Murray.
  • Arthur Murray is mentioned in the 1953 Frank Loesser song “Just Another Polka”: “She’s got me dancing like I never thought I could. Oh, Arthur Murray never had it so good.”
  • In the 1954 Mark Robson directed film, “Phffft!” starring Jack Lemmon, Judy Holliday, and Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon’s character (Robert Tracey) is seen walking into an Arthur Murray Dance Studio in New York to work on his Rumba with teacher Merry Anders. A classic dance scene in the movie follows when both Lemmon and Holliday (Nina Tracey) do a rumba and mambo at a nightclub. Later in the film, Lemmon reviews some cancelled checks that Holliday wrote including: “…thirty-nine dollars and forty cents to Arthur Murray Dance Studio?”
  • In 1957 Buddy Holly and The Crickets performed a live show at the Arthur Murray Dance Party consisting of “That’ll Be the Day” and “Peggy Sue.” This is the only known live footage of Buddy Holly in his short lifetime.
  • In the 1960 Billy Wilder film “The Apartment,” starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine, Jack Lemmon’s character (C.C.”Bud” Baxter) makes two references to Arthur Murray. Bud tells Fran (Shirley Maclaine) that he’s been taking lessons at Arthur Murray and later introduces himself to Margie (Hope Holiday) by replying to her query that she doesn’t know him at all by stating: “Permit me – C.C. Baxter – junior executive, Arthur Murray graduate, lover.”
  • In a dream sequence, “Arthur Murrayrock” seeks help learning Fred’s “Frantic” dance in the Flintstones episode “Shinrock-a-Go-Go.”
  • Arthur Murray is mentioned in the song “Tear-stained Letter” by Richard Thompson. The song appears on Thompson’s 1983 album “Hand of Kindness.”
  • In an episode of Sanford and Son, when asked to dance, Fred says, “I’ve been told I can’t dance.” The young lady says, “Aww, arthritis?” Fred responds, “No, Arthur Murray.”
  • In the 1987 film “Dirty Dancing,” Johnny tells Baby that he received his training at the Arthur Murray studios.
  • A song entitled Arthur Murray appears on the 1988 Vic Chesnutt album “The Salesman and Bernadette.”
  • In the 1995 film “The American President,” when Sydney Ellen Wade remarks to the President while dancing, “I don’t know how you do it,” the President replies, “It’s Arthur Murray. Six lessons.”
  • Arthur Murray is mentioned in the song “Would You Like to Learn to Dance?” by Steve Goodman in 1978. “We can draw the Arthur Murray patterns right here on the floor.”
  • Arthur Murray is mentioned in the song “Whadda Ya Know, We’ve Got a Show” from the 1961 British movie “The Young Ones,” starring Cliff Richard: “Mr. Arthur Murray, we can use you in a hurry.”
  • Arthur Murray is mentioned in “The West Wing” episode, “He Shall, from Time to Time,” in a conversation between a congressman and Toby Ziegler. The Congressman says, “Personally, I don’t know what to say to people who argue that the N.E.A. is there to support art that nobody wants to pay for in the first place. Arthur Murray didn’t need the N.E.A. to write ‘Death of a Salesman.’” Toby corrects him by saying, “Arthur Murray taught ballroom dance, and Arthur Miller wrote ‘Death of a Salesman.’”

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